PRODUCTION SERVICE : Industrial , Corporate, Broadcast  Video, Photography ,Graphics, Design & Audio

Our service includes Nuclear, Petro-Chem./Fossil, Shipyard/Marine,Off Shore, General Construction ,Alternative Energy, News Feeds & the Public Relations industries - we can document your project from staging equipment, demolition, modification, completion, testing, startup & clean up.

 We are experienced in the  production of scientific and technical graphics, documentary photography, video programming, technical animation, and audio/visual communications and presentations.

Peademont works close with project managers to direct, plan and develop implementing, and administering Media-Service-related programs.

Your project photography, video & graphics communications documentation can be used for archives, project evaluation, safety training, job training & business development.  Serving Power Plants, Mines, Ships, Rail Cars, Drilling, IT, Maintenance, Modification and Manufacturers.

 PET  is a full service industrial video production company and multimedia production company that produces video, animation and graphics for broadcast television, streaming video, corporate video presentations, and CD-ROM / DVD. Our productions help our clients promote, market their products, train their employees and present their corporate identity to the world.

PET  VIDEO STUDIO : Production meets all Broadcast Standards . Edits & Master Tape Formats include 3/4 Umatic -SVHS - High 8 -  Beta SP - Digital 8 - Mini DV & DVCAM with single or multi camera shoots available - Audio up to 128 tracks.

PRODUCTION SERVICE - from concept to finished product PET will work with video production applications that include training and education of employees, clients and customers; sales, marketing, promotional presentations; and television advertising.  Business & Industrial video production is used by business, industry, non-profit organizations and government.

PROGRAMMING INVENTORY & SERVICES : includes Music Video - News Sports - Special Events - Fundraisers -Home Shopping - Energy -  Special Interest & more,

PROGRAM DELIVERY : via CCTV - Cable - Broadcast & Satellite ( C & KU ) Direct TV - Dish Network - Streaming Video - VHS - CD & DVD.

PET AUDIO STUDIO RECORDING : Up to 128 tracks digital recorded - master - re-master service - CD - Duplication/ Packaging.

Presentation Distribution - Radio, TV ,Ads, Infomercials, Electronic Press Kits, and Internet Programming. 

Talent Avails -  studio musicians, hosts & voiceover talent are available to customize your production.

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